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Moovit App. Download the Moovit App to plan your trip and travel Long Beach and beyond safely, confidently and informed. Text “LBT” plus your “stop #” and automatically receive bus arrival times for your stop. For example, if you’re at stop 1454, you would text “LBT 1454.”. Be sure to include a space between LBT and your stop ID ....

Oct 08, 2022 · Timetables for Rotherham Service Number 139/141/140/142 Valid from 08/10/2022 to 17/12/2022 « Back to list 139: Rotherham - Kimberworth Park Circular 141: Rotherham - Kimberworth Park Circular 140: Rotherham - Kimberworth Park Circular 142: Rotherham - Kimberworth Park Circular Saturday Personalise Download PDF Download large print PDF. Web.


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Aug 15, 2021 · Route 141 Map (PNG?V=2, 367.36 KB) Public Timetable Notes: AM - light type. PM - bold type. + School Days Only - Thursdays. * School Days Only. ^ School Days Only - Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. w School Days Only - Wednesdays. Not all stops are shown. Please call 1-800-660-4287 for other bus stops..



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