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Pravin vekariya : +91 98795 51637 || Yogesh Sanghani: +91 95860 25007. Home; About Us; Study Abroad. Australia; Canada; Cyprus; Denmark; Estonia; France; Germany. Even though synonym sound simple, they are very helpful for DBAs if they used carefully. But keeping track of all the synonyms. .

Something that has come into one's possession. acquisition. addition. gain. acquirement. procurement. add-on. attainment. "The new hire is really skillful and has been a great get for the company.".

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More 4160 Get synonyms. What are another words for Get? Obtain, take, become, bring. Full list of synonyms for Get is here.

Similar words for Get. Definition: verb. ['ˈgɛt, ˈgɪt'] come into the possession of something concrete or abstract.

Using the thesaurus entry and context clues, choose the best synonym for exemplary in each sentence. Use an online search engine to find a trusted online dictionary, then check the definitions. The library has received public recognition for its exemplary literacy programs. If you are not sure how to format your paper, look at the exemplary essays that the.

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