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How to identify juniper berries


9 Other Benefits Of Juniper Berry Tea 1. Which has blood cleansing properties, increases body resistance, provides the acceleration of metabolism. 2. It supports the removal of water and edema from the body, it is also a good diuretic for slimming cures. 3. Eliminates the white discharge seen in women while cutting the menstrual pain. 4. Mar 15, 2018 - Juniper berries can be used for a variety of things, including survival food in the forest, creating gin spirits and as a delectable addition to edgy cuisine. It is important to know how to identify them from other possibly poisonous berries if you are in need of food, or if you are trying to grow a juniper plant.

Juniper berries come from evergreen juniper trees, which (confusingly) can also go by the name of cedar trees-- eastern red cedar, for example. There are numerous varieties of juniper native to North America, Europe, and Asia that produce edible berries, but the two most common types used for herbal preparations are Juniperus communis and.

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Web. Sep 02, 2017 · Juniper berries actually aren’t berries at all. They are female seed cones that come juniper plants — a type of conifer ( Pinophyta ), which is a cone-bearing plant or tree. Juniper plants vary in appearance and can grow low and wide like a shrub or tall like a tree. Their uniquely fleshy, merged scales make them look like a berry, thus the name..

Flowers: Pollen bearing male cones and female cones that appear as the berries Fruit: Blue berry-like cone often with a whitish blue dusty surface known as a "bloom". Referred to as a Juniper Berry Bark: New growth green, branches reddish, Mature bark grey often with reddish tone and vertical shredding.


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