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Run snap app from terminal


Web. Web. 18. You can use open's -a option: open -a Mail. You can specify the application path instead: open /Applications/ If you want to use AppleScript (osascript from command line), open app isn't quite equivalent. Instead, you can either use. osascript -e 'tell application "Mail" to activate'. or.

sudo apt install snapd got the basics. Then I could search for packages, like the OP's openttd (but not snap-store, which seems to be missing): Code: Select all snap find openttd which I then installed: Code: Select all sudo snap install openttd (this took about five minutes with lots of downloading and thumb-twiddling) and then I tried to run it:.

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Web. Mar 04, 2021 · To run a snap via the terminal, enter the package name in the terminal. For example, enter snap-store to open the Snap Store app. Note: If you get theme parsing errors when launching some snaps, this is due to incompatibilities between the fontconfig library in the snap and the hosts fontconfig..


Run this command after modifying config/mimetypemapping.json. If you change a mimetype, run maintenance:mimetype:update-db--repair-filecache to apply the change to existing files. Run the maintenance:theme:update command if the icons of your custom theme are not updated correctly. This updates the mimetypelist.js and cleares the image cache.

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