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Vite run production build locally

According to the official docs, "vite build" will create the prod build using your index.html file as entry point. You can also specify another publich patch. Check it out. Share Improve this answer answered Oct 9, 2021 at 19:46 Ismael Ordás 302 3 11 Add a comment.

Then you can run yarn build or npm run build to get a profiling build. Note that your changes would be temporary and will not persist between re-runs of your package manager. Changing the Webpack config. To enable profiling in production mode, modify Webpack configuration file (config/ as shown below. You may run npm run build command to build the app. bash $ npm run build By default, the build output will be placed at dist. You may deploy this dist folder to any of your preferred platforms. Testing the App Locally Once you've built the app, you may test it locally by running npm run preview command. bash $ npm run build $ npm run preview.

Unexpected token '.' React JS Mohit Mozumder. Problem: While I am trying to use the global command with -g Just trying to install create a new react app with npm install -g command But I am facing the following warning: npm WARN config global `-global`, `-local` are deprecated.

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Building for production #. Running the vite build command will generate production-ready assets through Rollup.. Build path #. By default, assets are generated in /public/build.When using Laravel Mix, they were usually put in the /public directory directly.. With Vite, this is bad practice because the build directory is emptied at build-time.

npm run serve command does the app build and renders the production version while npm run dev initializes the development server. When you open the project folder in your code editor, you will see different files among which is the main.jsx file. The code responsible for the browser's output is in the App.jsx and is rendered from the main.jsx.

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