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Yandere simulator pc

Yandere simulator com Android App Download for Free on Android .apk File for Any Device (Phone, Tablet).

Rule 1 - Mods must be more complex than a few edits made to the Students.json file; Rule 2 - Mods must follow the proper page formatting: - Mod title (Using Header 2); - Mod Infobox; -.

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No. Yandere Simulator is only officially available on Windows. However, you can find various clones with decent quality on Android. Because it was developed in Unity, it's possible that it will be released on Mac, Linux, and Android in the future. When will Yandere Simulator be released?.

Yandere Simulator is a very user-friendly game. TInterface is clear and concise, and the controls are simple and easy to learn. Provides a helpful tutorial that covers the more advanced.

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